Is your project at a crucial stage of its life cycle and you suddenly need Laravel professionals who shall help you in closing the project? This scenario might arise in your organization if you do not have the requisite Laravel technicians to manage your projects and provide the necessary manpower.  

Before you jump into the intricacies of Laravel, it shall be helpful if you develop a formative idea of what PHP basically is. Well, PHP stands for Hypertext Preprocessor and is a server side scripting language which is used to develop web applications. It is open source and is compatible with all standard operating systems like Linux, MacOS and Windows. Websites like Facebook which experience huge traffic flow have chosen PHP as the language of choice. Also, PHP has found able support from most servers like IIS and Apache which form the backbone of web applications. 

It shall not be surprising, if you are wondering as to where Laravel fits in all of this. Actually, Laravel is an open source PHP framework. It is robust and follows the model-view-controller design pattern. It incorporates the features of PHP frameworks like CodeIgniter and languages like Ruby on Rails which help in creating efficient web applications. 

Have you ever wondered as to why do programmers prefer using the Laravel framework. The main reasons for doing so can be summarized as follows:

  • The app development process is easy.
  • Routing process is simple.
  • The async queue helps in performing long term activities.
  • The database layer is very efficient. 
  • Third party libraries can be integrated in a simplistic manner. 

As we go deeper into exploring the qualities of Laravel, let us check its importance. 

Importance of Laravel and competent Laravel professionals. 

  1. Security:

General Information:

If you are using Laravel, you can be rest assured that you shall be having a very secure application at your hand. Authenticating the user, management of passwords, encryption of data and route protection lie at the heart of the security features of Laravel. 

From perspective of user:

For businesses, web app security is one area of major concern.The applications developed using Laravel have access to its built in features which helps against online hazards.

Additionally, Laravel provides protection against injection attacks by usage of predefined SQL statements which goes a long way in protecting apps and websites. Users of a Laravel application are well aware that their site is very secure. This acts as a motivating factor for companies who want a secure application for their clients.  

  1. MVC architecture:

General Information:

Laravel commands a higher following as compared to other PHP frameworks since it follows the best software development practices and its adherence to the Model-View-Controller design pattern is a case in point.     

From perspective of user:

The MVC architecture was designed in order to make sure that there was clarity between logic and presentation layer via the controller. From the point of view of the user, it hardly makes a difference as he does not interact with the software from a programmer’s perspective. This characteristic of Laravel leads to a marked rise in performance of the developed software. 

Object oriented libraries:

General Information:

As you have seen above, the Laravel framework follows the MVC structure for code design. Its syntax is structured on the principles of object oriented programming. Also, Laravel has some features which are not found in the majority of the remaining PHP frameworks. 

From perspective of user:

This framework allows developers to get many pre-installed modular and object oriented libraries along with several secondary tools.These add value from the perspective of the user since these features are used by programmers to develop web applications which are responsive and modular. 

  1. Database management and ORM: 

General Information:

The object relational mapping used by the Laravel framework is named Eloquent. This is the best ORM amongst all the PHP frameworks and is present as an inbuilt mechanism of Laravel. From the database point of view, it works perfectly well with database softwares like MySQL and PostgreSQL. 

From perspective of user:

Eloquent is able to simplify the relational mapping between different cases. As a result of this, programmers are able to modify the database schema and perform manipulations where necessary. From a user’s perspective, the applications developed have strong back end support to take care of activities at the user interface level. 

Now that you have an idea of the importance of Laravel, let us have a look at its advantages and disadvantages. This will help you understand why businesses prefer to have competent Laravel professionals as a part of their project. 

Advantages of Laravel:

  1. Authentication system:

Laravel easily takes care of the process of authenticating users and assigning access rights. As everything is built in the framework programmers can save time and logic while programming for the same.

  1. Integration with mail services: 

This is one area where Laravel is really good at. For individual accounts, the ‘SwiftMailer’ library is used for mail integration. Also, Laravel can send emails across different channels. It also has drivers for different mail servers like SMTP, Amazon SES etc. 

  1. Automation testing:

Automation testing is performed to gauge the performance of an application. In the case of Laravel, its in-built features help in PHP unit testing while using phpunit.xml. By doing so testers can test user behavior and analyze the output without much of an effort.

Now, you shall agree with me that there is nothing called perfect. So, there are bound to be some downsides with respect to using Laravel. Let’s have a look. 

Disadvantages of Laravel: 

  1. Continuity between versions:

The transition between Laravel 4 to Laravel 5 is not consistent. As a result there have been instances of the application breaking down while the code was being updated. If you happen to hire dedicated Laravel developers for your project needs, they will be able to handle this issue very deftly. 

  1. Problems for amateurs:          

It has been found that amateur programmers encounter problems while extending classes. It is advisable to go through the documentation properly before starting coding. Things become clear after one goes through the documentation in detail. 

  1. Lacks inbuilt support:

In comparison with other frameworks like Django and Ruby on Rails, Laravel has limited support as it is lightweight. But this issue can be easily taken care of by incorporating third party tools. 

As it is clear the advantages far outweigh the disadvantages of using Laravel as a framework which is the chief reason why companies prefer to engage with Laravel for their assignments. 

It is time you got to know the types of applications which you can develop using Laravel. You might need to have dedicated Laravel developers in your team if you want  to develop such applications of scale. 

You can go through this forum for all the queries which are going to crop up in your mind from time to time regarding issues related to Laravel.  

Types of applications which can be developed using the Laravel framework by Laravel developers.

  1. E-learning websites:

The Laravel framework is best suited for e-learning websites. If you happen to have dedicated Laravel developers at your disposal you shall be able to incorporate functionalities like website registration, subscription to newsletter etc in your application. You shall be able to scale up your application as it can comfortably manage an ever growing database. Also, you shall be able to deploy tools which shall make your CMS management quite easy. 

  1. E-Commerce Stores:

Using Laravel, dedicated Laravel developers can build applications from scratch while using the pre-made proven solutions of the Laravel framework. If you have dedicated Laravel developers as a part of your project team you will be able to provide solutions like payment integration while providing a secure website for customers. 

  1. Patient portals:

These are web applications which facilitate the services of online registration, payment facility etc. The healthcare industry is a dedicated user of systems developed on the Laravel framework. As hospitals need to deal with an enormous amount of data concerning patients and the treatment methodologies, it needs a framework where data is managed in a secure manner. This is where Laravel  comes into play as it fits the bill perfectly. 

Additionally, you can develop the following types of applications using the Laravel framework. 

  • School Management Systems
  • CRM systems
  • ERP systems
  • Forum websites
  • B2B websites     
  • Booking platforms

The Laravel framework has found wide acceptability among different business domains. The main reason lies in the inherent strengths of the software for which it is possible to develop scalable and secure web applications. 

Well, as we have covered some ground now, it is time we consider a very important factor which has a major impact on every business decision. The word is COST. So, we should have a look at the costs incurred while developing applications using Laravel.

Cost of a website developed using Laravel: 

This is one area where Laravel heavily scores against similar frameworks. Laravel happens to be an open-source framework. It implies that you can use it in your project at no additional cost. Also, the time required to build and maintain an application using Laravel is far less than some similar products in the market. So, the inclusion of Laravel in your design strategy proves to be highly beneficial in the long run. The only cost you might incur is the cost of engaging competent Laravel professionals in your project. 

There are some features of Laravel which are of great use while developing applications based on this framework. Let us have a look at them below. 

  1. Laravel Vapor:

Laravel Vapor is a serverless deployment platform which is used for managing your Laravel application. It is powered by AWS Lambda for infrastructure management. 

  1. Laravel Forge:

There are some tools which are required for configuring the web application. Laravel Forge is one such tool which is used for configuration of the web application in order to automate the deployment using the PHP server. 

  1. Laravel Shift:

Laravel Shift is a service consisting of automated and human elements which is used for improving the performance of your Laravel app. 

If you want to know a bit more about the above mentioned topics you can have a look here. This site is the official site of Laravel and provides the much needed authentic information.


Different types of services provided by Laravel:  

If you are thinking of developing applications using the Laravel framework, you might need to hire dedicated Laravel developers who shall bring their professional expertise to the table. 

So, it is time you have an idea about the types of services which can be provided using the Laravel framework. The below mentioned points shall enlighten you on this aspect. 

  • Laravel Customization
  • Laravel Enterprise Solutions
  • Custom Laravel Web Development 
  • Laravel Web Application Development
  • Laravel Plugin Development
  • Laravel CMS Development
  • Laravel Ecommerce Development
  • Laravel REST API Development
  • Laravel Support & Maintenance

Now, it is possible you might be having some queries at your end with respect to your project. Also, you might want to know the procedure to be followed if you want to hire dedicated Laravel developers and want to develop some applications from the above mentioned list.  

FAQ for Laravel developmental projects:

Q1. How can I hire dedicated Laravel developers for my project?

Ans: Our hiring models are customized as per the requirements of the client and the needs of the project. Accordingly, you can choose between having competent Laravel professionals at your premises or having someone on a contractual basis as per your needs. 

Q2. How much time will it take to develop my Laravel project?

Ans: Well, it totally depends on the size of the project and the complexity involved. It shall be better if you directly get in touch with us, so that we can properly guide you in this matter. This time factor can be efficiently managed if you have competent Laravel professionals for your assignments. 

Q3. How shall I track the progress of my project?

Ans: We have smooth layers of communication with our clients which ensure that the client is always informed about the status of the project. 

We always send a detailed report to the client after every milestone is reached. Also, a weekly report is given from our end which helps in tracking the project’s progress. 

Q4. Who shall be the owner of the code of my Laravel project?

Ans: You shall be the sole owner of the code which is associated with your Laravel project. If you decide to hire Laravel developers from us we shall provide you the necessary resources and also sign NDA clauses if required from your end. 

Q5. Will I be provided support after the project is launched?

Ans: Yes, of course. After the project is successfully completed our Laravel support team shall always be available to take care of post implementation and delivery issues which arise at your end. 

Final thoughts: 

If you are reading these lines, then by now you have grasped the importance of the Laravel framework. Also, you have seen for yourself the advantage it possesses in comparison with similar other frameworks. But developing an application using Laravel can be made easier using dedicated Laravel developers who shall assist in the developmental phase of the project. If you want to hire dedicated Laravel developers you can have a look here (laravel developer). It makes sense to engage with a professional organization who are well versed with the entire software development life cycle of a project. This is of great help as the team can then plan all the stages starting from design to implementation and execute the plans accordingly. Our team at Stancord consists of top notch Laravel professionals who have delivered projects of scale across domains and industries of different sizes. 

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