Before we dive in to know the benefits of staffing agency, it becomes important to know what a staffing agency actually is and how it works. If you have ever been a hiring manager and have experience finding out that your latest hire does not fit the role, then you know the frustration which comes after such effort is wasted. A recruiting process involves resume checking, interviewing, negotiations for salary and then onboarding. All these take a lot of time and effort which happens at the cost of your existing workload. 

This is where staffing agencies step in. A staffing agency will screen resumes, go for reference checks, shortlist the candidates, schedule the interviews and then, once selected, the candidates shall be placed on premises of the employer to work on his behalf. The candidate happens to work under the directions of the employer but remains an employee of the staffing agency. In this manner, staffing agencies conduct the recruitment process and provide candidates for organizations which do not have the resources for doing the job. This allows organizations to solely focus on activities which contribute to the growth of the business. By now, you might have got an idea about the potential benefits of using a staffing agency. Let us now check its benefits in detail.  

Save time and money:

One of the benefits of staffing agency is saving on time and money. The entire recruitment process includes considerable investment of time and money in advertising, recruiting and interviewing. On selection, there is the onboarding process and in some cases training also has to be given to new employees. If you engage a staffing agency, you can easily bypass all of the above steps and shall be provided with a resource who is totally prepared to take up the assignment, either on premises or from a remote location. Upon completion of the assignment, you do not have to worry about the parting of ways, as these are streamlined and smooth. Also, one of the major benefits of staffing agency is that you do not have to think about unemployment insurance and severance pay. Overall, you end up saving a lot of time and money which you can put into productive use for your enterprise.

Availability of talent pool: 

The human resources department of an organisation has its own limitations. On the other hand, the expertise level of a staffing agency is far too superior as it is the core area of their business. This is one of the major benefits of staffing agency as they are in contact with professionals belonging to different skill areas and when necessary can present appropriate resources. On the other hand, an HR department focuses on people who are skilled in areas which are aligned with the business of the company. 

This limits the scope of resource identification. By contrast, staffing agencies are highly aware of market trends, technology shifts and can identify the areas where professionals shall be in short supply. This helps in their proper identification of the market and the jobs. As a consequence, staffing agencies always have access to a talent pool consisting of professionals skilled in niche areas and in technologies which are in tune with the market trends. Ready access to such talented resources is one of the benefits of staffing agency. 

Faster hiring:

In general, hiring processes of an organization are normally stretched out. If the roles are for specialized positions, the process gets elongated. If an organization has a long drawn out hiring process, there happens to be a very high chance of losing out on skilled resources. Good resources who are in demand shall be more amenable to join a company which is more decisive and quick in their hiring pattern. On the other hand it is quite difficult for organizations to have a rapid hiring process. There lies one of the major benefits of staffing agency. Staffing companies have a ready source of talent from where they can immediately pull professionals based on necessary skill sets. Even if there are some shortfalls, they have the infrastructure in place by which they can source professionals to fill in the vacant positions. 


One of the major benefits of staffing agency is the method of retention of hired resources. Professionals who have been hired on a temporary basis are given the opportunity to learn the skills required to carry out the responsibilities of the position for which they have been selected. This activity is undertaken before they are given a permanent position, based on their performance. All of these go to save enormous amounts of revenue for the organization. 

Lower risk of hiring:

The hiring process in itself is time consuming and involves expenditure of resources. Also, it takes some time to come to a judgement about the quality of the hire. If the hire has not been upto the mark then you shall have to start the hiring process all over again. This is where staffing agencies can be of help. One of the major benefits of staffing agency lies in the fact that hiring temporary workers does away with a major part of such a risk. You can hire a temporary employee for a limited period of time and during this period the staffing firm handles all payroll related issues. It is only at the end of the contract period that you need to decide whether to extend the contract or offer him a permanent position in your organization. This whole process gives an employer an opportunity to fully check his performance in the designated role, something which would have been near impossible to judge in a short interview session. 

Unemployment claims:

If you happen to let go of employees of your organization, you may have to face unemployment claims. Releasing employees may happen because of many reasons, namely lack of productivity, downside in business etc. Incidentally, when you hire temporary employees through a staffing firm, they happen to be employees of that organization and not your company. Hence, when their services are no longer required, there is no scope for them to file for unemployment claims. This is one of the benefits of staffing agency and helps reduce operational costs associated with unemployment claims and labour law issues. 

Options for hiring:

One of the major benefits of staffing agency is that you can hire as per your requirement. You can go for hiring temporary workers, consultants or professionals with specialized skills. Additionally, you can also decide on the length of the contract. It might be short term where you need to fill up a position for someone going on his annual holiday or you can onboard someone for a long term, say a calendar year. Staffing agencies can help you plan ahead of time when you know that a vacancy shall be arising shortly. Also, they shall be at your side when you have a sudden and immediate requirement. They have enough resources and good network connections to swiftly deliver professionals who shall cater to your requirements. 

No need for a dedicated HR function:

If you have a staffing agency to take care of your requirements, then there is no need for a dedicated HR team at your organization. Consequently, you shall be saving on money as there shall be no need to pay for regular salaries, employee benefits etc. The staffing company shall handle all the functions of searching for candidates, screening candidates and selecting candidates after conducting the due interview process. It ranks as one of the main benefits of staffing agency engagement. All associated paperwork, addressing grievances of employees and handling their terminations fall under the domain of the staffing agency. 

Getting rid of advertisement costs:

One of the important benefits of staffing agency engagement is that you can greatly reduce the advertising overhead associated with hiring. The first thing you do when you spot a vacancy in your company is to send out an advertisement. In today’s age, social media and online tools have come to play an important role. In order that you do not miss out on good hires you tend to cover as many mediums as possible. So as to reach your target audience, you shall have to advertise repeatedly. The cumulative effect of all such activity can be zeroed down to expenditure of money and resources. Also, at the end of it you cannot be sure that you have indeed reached your target audience. One of the significant benefits of staffing agency is that they shall help you out with your requirements in these areas as they best know their target audience and the ways by which to attract the right talent. 

Onboarding assistance:  

One of the vital benefits of staffing agency engagement is in the area of onboarding and providing value added services. A specialised staffing agency minimises the cost of onboarding by providing assistance in onboarding processes. This greatly reduces the cost associated with onboarding an employee. Furthermore, they can also conduct the necessary orientation programs to see to it that the selected employees are rightly matched with the culture and ethos of your organization. The benefits of staffing agency engagement far outweighs the cons if any, as can be made out from the above.  

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