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Hospital Development Services


The healthcare industry has been highly benefited ever since the introduction of hospital management softwares to automate processes which otherwise till the recent past were done manually. Stancord has served customers by designing websites which take care of all manual activities and improves on the overall efficiency of healthcare enterprises

Our Design Methodology

Our web based solutions are designed to handle all information regarding patient appointments, prescriptions, bills, post discharge advice etc and present them in a manner which improves the efficiency of your processes. This leads to improvement in efficiency, thus adding to your company’s bottomline in the long run.


Manage patient appointments:

Managing appointments for all patients who visit health centres is an integral part of the developed software

Maintain patient records

All information concerning a patient like Name, Age, Sex, Address, Patient diagnosis etc are fed and maintained by the software

Manage billing process

Patient billing details like Total amount, Medicines given, Insurance details etc are managed with the help of the system.

Maintain details of store activities

The details of purchase orders, issue slips, stock maintenance data, reorder status etc are maintained with the help of this module.

Manage summary of discharge

This module helps in maintaining all information which is related to the discharge of patients and their follow up status

Manage MIS reports

Provision and maintenance of reports which are of vital importance for management to take crucial decisions after its analysis.


A hospital management system takes care of all operations which are integral to the efficient functioning of healthcare facilities. It is designed so as to make available all important metrics at the touch of your fingers. Time consuming manual activities are replaced by automated processes which contribute to the overall efficiency of healthcare units.


Solving problems, building brands

Our solutions in the healthcare business are developed for organizations which want efficient processes to handle day to day operations and add value to the services provided to their customers


Having a well defined system which is able to handle all operations connected with management of a healthcare unit is very important for hospitals. Stancord has rich experience in web designing and development services, having developed software solutions which cater to the specific needs of hospitals. Check, as to why you should invest in our web development services.

More About Us

Our Hospital management services

  • Industry experience
  • Bespoke solutions
  • Experienced professionals
  • Smooth communication
  • End to end solution provider
  • Dedicated Project Managers
  • On time delivery

What clients say about us

Serving our clients in the best possible manner has been our motivation which has helped in creating and perfecting our delivery mechanisms.



  • Q1. Will you develop specialised software which takes care of my needs?

    Ans: Yes, we offer customised software solutions which take care of different functionalities, depending on the requirements of our customers.

  • Q2. How does your hospital management software work?

    Ans: We shall be collating all data which is required to control workflows and information streams of different departments. Based on this reports are generated which the management uses to take requisite action. This is apart from the automation of all regular operational activity which takes place in order to manage the overall functioning of the hospital.

  • Q3. What security level do you provide for patient data?

    Ans: We offer the best security features so that there is no pilferage of data. Accordingly all data is password protected and if required we can also provide encryption features which depend on the requirements of the client.

  • Q4. What is the cost of developing a hospital management website?

    Ans: As we are providers of bespoke services, so the cost depends on the functionalities provided in the website. Our rates happen to be much less than those being offered by our nearest competitors. Kindly get in touch with our sales team who shall be the best people to guide you in this matter.

  • Q5. Shall I own the website after it has been handed over by your team?

    Ans: The customer is the sole owner of the website after it has been developed and handed over. All files shall be handed over to you, we shall be keeping a backup of the developed software, so that if by chance there is a problem at your end, we can immediately take all steps to rectify the problem.


Things happen, come work with us.

We believe that the customer is the king and the websites are our deliverables. Come, join our amazing team.

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