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UI/UX Development Services


Having a website with a good user interface is just half the business done. The other half is giving the user an experience worth remembering. A well designed website is a perfect match of both these elements. Our design team has a matchless reputation of delivering designs along with a unique user experience which go a long way in building the brand image of businesses.

Our Design Methodology

We always judge things from the point of view of the brand and deliver solutions which fulfill customer expectations.



Understanding business needs, user behaviour and alignment of project with brand.


Information gathered is thoroughly analyzed to identify the most important elements.


Creating wireframes which represent a physical interpretation of visualised design.


Developmental and testing activities are carried out before the product is shipped.


User interaction is observed, inferences of which show the roadmap for the next version of application.


The design section of Stancord Consultancy Services Private Limited follows defined industry standards to churn out beautiful designs. We have a dedicated team of user experience designers, graphic designers, animation experts and interface designers. This has helped in achieving our goal of delivering customised designs for websites and mobile applications of our customers.


Solving problems, building brands

We help create your brand by converting your vision of today into reality of tomorrow.

  • UI Design
  • UX Design
  • Illustrations
  • Logo design
  • Prototyping

UI/UX Design and Support Services Solutions

Our design solutions are geared to run on multiple platforms so as to enable brands to give the best possible options to their users. Our delivery encompasses the whole range, starting from desktop to mobiles, which have robust computing power thus leading to smooth graphical content and optimum performance.

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We shall be your partner as we make the journey of positioning your brand in a prime space. This will be made possible by the services of our skilled UI/UX designers who are adept with the latest tools and technologies needed to make aesthetic designs and generate rich user experiences. These two combine together to give a brand the much needed impetus to take on its competitors. Let’s check, as to why you should invest in our UI/UX design services.

More About Us

Our UI/UX Development Services

  • Experienced designers
  • Thorough professionals
  • Highly creative team
  • Robust testing methodologies
  • Customized solutions
  • Provider of end to end solutions
  • Industry experience
  • Dedicated Project Manager for individual projects
  • On time delivery.

Sample our latest creation

Stancord Consultancy Services Private Limited has been specialising in creating rich experiences for users through their unique UI/UX design creations. The aim is to help businesses convey their message to the customers through websites and apps.

Our R & D team forms the foundation which helps our developers and designers come up with stunning creations as we deliver services to customers across different industries.

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imageProvider of values


The business vision of our customers are reflected in the websites designed by us. Clear cut identification of goals and functionalities of the site help in adding long term value to client processes.

Stancord Consultancy Services Private Limited has prided itself in coming up with immaculate designs which convey crystal clear images of services offered by businesses. Added to them are the specific functionalities which address customer expectations irrespective of domain, scale and geographical location.

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What clients say about us

Aesthetic designs along with rich user experiences lie at the heart of the success of our UI/UX designers.



  • Q1. Is there any difference between web design and UI/UX design?

    The fundamental difference is that web design focuses on the look of the website whereas UI/UX design focuses on the experience which a user would get on using the site. The goal of UI/UX design is to give a good feeling to the user while using the site and aid in his decision making process.

  • Q2. What is the difference between UI and UX?

    User Interface consists of the color, shape and size of each digital element whereas user experience means the ease by which a user reaches his objective. A well designed UI results in a greatly improved UX.

  • Q3. How can I create a desired user behaviour through my site?

    All UI/UX projects undertaken by us start with detailed research. Then we create characters of your ideal users, take out the “red routes” we would like them to take while navigating the site and then carry out tests to check if they are exhibiting the desired behaviour.

  • Q4. How much does UI/UX design cost?

    The cost varies according to the requirements and complexity of the UI/UX design needs from the customer end.

  • Q5. How do you start a UI/UX project?

    Our UI/UX design model starts activities with a meeting with the customer during which we gather the requirements and the business objectives of the organisation. After this we create user personas, perform analysis and then wireframe the site.

  • Q6.Do your testing methods use real users?

    Of course, it is absolutely necessary to test the design with real users. We use a prototype of the real application for this purpose which basically emulates all the functionalities of the website. This helps in getting genuine feedback, thus saving a lot of time and money.

  • Q7. What does Stancord Consultancy Services Private Limited need from me?

    It serves your purpose best if you can share as much information as you can about your business objectives, customer base and the services you want to offer. It is important that the data is accurate as this information is used in the design process and the subsequent redesigns, if necessary.

  • Q8. While designing, do you customize data?

    We do customize data in the design process in order to take care of business needs of the client.

  • Q9. Once paid, shall I be the owner of the artwork?

    Absolutely, you shall be the sole owner of the designs made for you by us. We shall only retain the right to use it for promotional purposes.

  • Q10. How do I know that Stancord Consultancy Services Private Limited is the right design vendor for me?

    Simply because we have taken care of clients like you. We have R & D teams who are very strong on design fundamentals and are up to date on the latest tools and technologies used in UI/UX design. Also, the turnaround time provided by us is the best you can get in the market. Lastly, our maintenance and support infrastructure ensures you get the best possible support for your website.


Things happen, come work with us.

We believe that the customer is the king and the websites are our deliverables. Come, join our amazing team.

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