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Real Estate Development Services


Stancord has provided web design and development services for real estate companies. The website is of great help for users who want to purchase, sell or rent their properties. Additionally, realtors can offer their property for rent, lease and sale to prospective clients

Our Design Methodology

We provide custom built solutions with a unique logo which shall help customers identify with your brand. The loading time of the website is kept impressive so that a visit to the website is a unique experience for visitors.


List property online

Properties are listed by both owners and agents which allows exposure of the property to prospective buyers.

Browse online property

Buyers and sellers can go through the listings on the site to arrive at a decision regarding sale or purchase

User friendly and mobile friendly site

Website designed using the latest technologies to ensure it has a fast loading speed and is user friendly for visitors

Regular updated information

Information presented in the website is regularly updated so as to reflect the latest market trends

Generation of reports on real estate markets

Detailed reports available on property related issues and changing trends of the real estate sector

Customer reviews

Availability of online reviews by customers sharing their experiences.


A presence on the web is a necessity for businesses so as to reach their target audience in the most effective manner. Real estate businesses have become aware that a well strategized website can address customer needs in an efficient manner. Usage of different filters can help the customers locate their property as per their choice of budget and location


Solving problems, building brands

Our real estate web solutions are designed to be beneficial for businesses who operate in the area of real estate, enabling them to build up a strong presence on the web and serve their customers better


Businesses operating in the real estate sector can add revenue to their bottomline by a formidable internet presence which helps in better reaching their target audience. Our team at Stancord has years of experience designing web based solutions which cater to the business needs of enterprises. Our solutions for the real estate sector are meant for organizations who want to attend to the needs of their customers in this space. Check, as to why you should invest in our web development services.

More About Us

Our Real estate management services

  • Experienced professionals
  • Customised solutions
  • Dedicated Project Managers for individual projects
  • Transparent communication
  • End to end solution provider
  • Industry experience
  • On time delivery

What clients say about us

The delivery structure, communication protocol and technical expertise of Stancord has been developed with the objective to better serve our customers.



  • Q1. Why should I build a real estate website?

    Ans: It will help your customers search for a property in the most hassle free manner as you will be able to provide options for buyers, sellers and renters who can make their choices as per their budget and choice of location.

  • Q2. Do you offer custom based services?

    Ans: We offer customised websites which are created to reflect the story of your company. You will be able to share news, promote properties, present reports and present all necessary information which you feel will add value to your customer.

  • Q3. What are the biggest advantages of investing in a real estate website?

    Ans: The major advantages can be listed as:

    • You will be able to create awareness about your brand.
    • You will be able to generate leads which can be converted to possible business.
    • It saves on your time and effort in reaching your customers.

  • Q4. What are the basic requirements for making a real estate website?

    Ans: Strong SEO, an effective page loading speed, good user experience and a responsive design are the main ingredients which make a real estate website successful.

  • Q5. What is the cost of developing a real estate website?

    Ans: The cost depends on the functionalities and customizations which you expect on your website. Since we provide customised websites, it shall be best if you get in touch with our sales team for more on this. We assure you that our rates are reasonable and quite less as compared to the charges of our competitors.


Things happen, come work with us.

We believe that the customer is the king and the websites are our deliverables. Come, join our amazing team.

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